Discover Sibiu County, Romania – Sibiu city, Făgăraș Mountains, Ocna Sibiului Spas, Păltiniș area, Dumbrava Sibiului Natural Park…

Sibiu is located in the southern part of Transylvania. Its relief consists in mountains, depressions and plateaus.

O plimbare in centrul Sibiului

Exploring Sibiu

Sibiu, the county capital, was the European Capital of Culture in 2007. It is a very well preserved historical center with surroundings that are among the most sought after tourist destinations in the country both by the Romanian tourists as well as foreign tourists.

Culture lovers can enrich their knowledge by visiting the city’s museums: Brukenthal Art Gallery, Museum of History; Natural History Museum; Museum of Pharmacy; Museum of Hunting, all sections of the Brukethal National Museum but also, the Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization, Museum of Ethnography Franz Binder and Museum of Saxon Ethnography and Folklore Emil Sigerus.
You can feel the atmosphere of this wonderful city better, by walking down on its streets. Piața Mică (Small Square), (Piața Mare) Large Square, Turnul Sfatului (Council Tower), Turnul Scărilor (Stairs’ Tower), Piața Huet (Huet Square), Podul Minciunilor
(the Bridge of Lies), are some milestones that you should not miss from your itinerary.

Sibiu is also famous for beer industry dating from 1717. The famous “bere tăiată (cut beer)”, that was made after a secret recipe, cannot be drunk elsewhere than here.

Făgăraș Mountains, the highest in Romania, partially belong to Sibiu County . The magnificent peaks Negoiu, Ciortea, Vârtopul Roșu (Red Vârtop) , Vânătoarea lui Buteanu and Bâlea Lake are attractions for lovers of alpine scenery and mountain climbing. In Bâlea area there is the Alpine Nature Reserve that also include Bâlea Lake.

Bâlea Lake can be reached by car on Transfăgărăşan. If you want to have a perspective on the whole area, you can stop at Bâlea Waterfall and go to Bâlea Lake by cable car. In winter the Transfăgărăşan is being closed, Bâlea Lake is accessible by cable car, only in good weather conditions.

If you arrived in the area in summer, do not hesitate to go up in Șaua Caprei (the Goat Saddle) and from here, in about 40 minutes, on the spectacular peak Vânătoarea lui Buteanu (2507m). From here the perspective on Făgăraș Mountains and Lake Capra is staggering.

Mărginimea Sibiului – is a collection of 18 locations, unique by their ethnological architectural, cultural and historical, heritage. Folk costumes and glass painting are two of the attractions of this area.

Ocna Sibiului Resort – is famous due to its soil rich in salt and to its lakes formed on former salt mines. The air rich in aerosols, curative qualities of saltwater and the new renovations have attracted tourists in the area again.

Paltinis Resort is the oldest mountain resort in Romania, being founded in 1894 by the Transylvanian Carpathian Society of Tourists. Located at 1442 m, it is still the resort situated at the highest altitude in Romania. Due to its location in Cindrel Mountains, Paltinis offers opportunities for winter sports and hiking trails very picturesque.

Fortified Church of Biertan, dates from 1490 and is part of an architectural ensemble that includes also a medieval fortification belt.
Dumbrava Sibiului Natural Park – is a protected area in Forest Dumbrava, at the south-west of the city. In the area of this park there is the Museum of Traditional Folk
Civilization ASTRA – one of the largest open-air museums in Romania and a zoo.

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