Discover Iași County, Romania – Iași city, Ethnographic Museum of Moldovei, Cuza Palace from Ruginoasa, Sturza Castle from Miclăușeni …

Iași County is located in north-eastern part of Romania, in a lowland area between the rivers Siret and Prut. In the county there is also a hilly area and an eastern plateau area.

Palatul de Cultura, Iași

Palace of Culture, Iași

The county seat, the city of Iași, is the 2nd largest city in Romania in terms of population after Bucharest and it is also a strong cultural center.

Knowledge and culture enthusiasts can find Iaşi more goals towards which they can direct their attention:

– Gheorghe Asachi Library
University of Iași Palace was built in 1860 as an initiative of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza. It houses one of the finest libraries in Romania and even worldwide. The dowry is impressive, library consisting of documents (over 900000), books (over 500000), magazines, CDs, DVDs and technical documents.

– Palace of Culture – is now a museum housing the Museum of History, the Ethnographic Museum of Moldova, site of Cucuteni Archaeological Museum and a valuable library. The building was originally intended to be the Administrative Palace of Justice and was inaugurated in October 1925 by King Ferdinand.

– Union Museum is a neoclassical building which over time was the residence of several noble families like Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza from 1859 -1862 and King Ferdinand from 1916 – 1919.

– Memorial Museum Ion Creangă

– Memorial Museum Sadoveanu

Cultural sites are present all county area:

– Memorial Museum Alecsandri from Mirceşti arranged in the house where the poet lived between the years 1866-1890.

– Cuza Palace in Ruginoasa , is a Gothic-style building dating from 1804. Currently working as a museum dedicated to Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza. Palace is on an estate that is said to have belonged to Sturza family. Prince Cuza acquired the palace in 1862 and completely renovated the building and gardens.

– Castle Sturza from Miclăuşeni – was built between 1880 and 1904 on the site of a former mansion. The building has a Gothic exterior decoration that can be found in Sturza family ensign. The castle has a church and an English park covering 42 hectares. Currently it is serving as a museum and cultural complex opened to the public.

The construction of Copou Park in Iaşi is also linked to Sturza family. History of the park began in the XVIIIth century in the reign of Matei Ghica. In 1833, under the direction of Mihai Sturza the Park was transformed into a public garden of Iași.

The park, as its name indicates is located on Copou Hill. The Botanical Garden “Atanasie Fatu”, founded in 1856, also situated here, is the oldest institution of its kind in Romania.
Wine tasting enthusiasts cannot go through Iași County without a visit to the famous Cotnari to admire the beautiful landscape and taste the wines.

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