Discover Sălaj County, Romania – Almașului Fortress ruins, Porolissum, Izvoarele Barcăului Natural Reserve, Boghiș Area, Zalău city …

Located in Northwestern Romania, Sălaj County has the residence in Zalău . The county’s relief includes hills, depressions and a mountainous area.



Zalău is a major tourist attraction, it fully benefiting from the advantages of its location at the foot of Meseș. In Zalău, as in fact throughout the county, there are sights of cultural interest:

-County Museum of History and Art of Zalău which includes the following collections: ceramics, icons, wood; twentieth century art collection; collection of entomology; Ion Sima collection; costumes, Bronze and Iron Age; Dacian and Roman era; modern and contemporary history.

-Episcopal Cathedral “Sf. Vineri” in Zalău is a modern architectural ensemble that includes the cathedral, Heroes’ Obelisk and many museum spaces.

-The monuments from Şimleul Silvaniei: ruins of medieval castle dating from XVIth century; the Roman Catholic Church built in 1534; the Reformed Church built in 1670; the Holocaust Museum and Synagogue.

– The ruins of Almaşului Fortress located in the town of the same name. The fortress considered one of the strongest in Transylvania, was built between 1247-1278.

-Strâmba Monastic Assembly situated in Păduriş village which over time has played an important role in Romanian culture. Here worked one of the first schools in Romanian.

-The Roman Camp Porolissum is situated in Moigrad – Porolissum. The ruins of military fortification built by the Roman emperor Trajan, in 106, are among the best preserved Roman archaeological sites in Romania.

The natural environment of Sălaj County offers many attractions for the passionate of nature and outdoor activities:

-Grădina Zmeilor (Dragon’s Garden) is a geological and landscape reserve with many landscaped trails, situated in Bălan .
-Botanical Garden of Jibou was founded in 1968 in a park that belonged to Wesselenyi Castle. It includes several greenhouses where they grow exotic plants, a complex of aquarium and several outdoor areas where visitors can see among other things, two Japanese gardens, a Roman garden and an ornamental garden.

-The Daffodil Meadow in Hida where visitors can admire besides daffodils many other species of trees and flowers, someof them very rare. Tourists can see here a protected natural monument formed by erosion called Devil’s Rock (Râcaş).

-Natural Reserve Izvoarele (springs) Barcăului – a landscape reserve situated in Southwest of the county. Reserve comprises several springs and waterfalls, beech forests and pastures.

Boghiş Resort is very popular both because: of its thermal springs with very hot, strong mineralized water and of mud with therapeutic properties. Those coming here can relax in a lovely landscape or traveling on the trails in the area.

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