Discover Mureș County, Romania – Sighișoara, Sovata Area, Mociar Forest, Gurghiului Fortress, Bethlen Castle, Târgu Mureș city …

Located in Transylvania, Mureș County is characterized by a ethnographic variety since in the area live Romanians, Hungarians and Saxons. The various influences brought by these populations are seen both in architecture and in the traditions and customs.

Foggy morning landscape in Sighisoara citadel , Romania

Foggy morning in Sighisoara, Romania

The county seat, Targu Mureș, is a city which has many historical, cultural sights and parks to be visited.
The entire city can be admired from Cornești Plateau where you can visit the zoo.
Roses Square is the place that gathers around it many cultural and historic sight: Orthodox Cathedral “Înălţarea Domnului”; The Palace of Culture; City Hall.

The Palace of Culture – is built in Belle Époque style in early twentieth century. The building has an extremely interesting facade with mosaics, bronze bas-reliefs, frescoes and stained glass windows and three famous halls:
-The Great Hall – called also the Concert Hall is monumental and it is developed on the three floors of the building;
-The Small Hall
-The famous Hall of the Mirrors named so because of Venetian mirrors placed here.

In this palace work the State Philharmonic, County Library, Museum of Art, Fine Artists’ Galleries and the permanent exhibition of the History Museum.

One of the city’s attraction is weekend swimming pool, relaxing place not only for city residents but also for tourists. The swimming pool has children’s pools, Olympic pools, slides, areas for sunbathing or for team playing sports and even accommodation.

Sighisoara Citadel is located in the famous town of the same name where was held the first festival in Romania dedicated to the art and medieval culture. “Sighişoara Medievală (Medieval Sighişoara)” annually attracts thousands of tourists that come here to admire the city dating back to 1280.

Other tourist attractions in the county:

-Sovata Resort- known for the curative powers of its waters and its salt water lakes, the most famous being Ursu Lake ,
-Mociar Forest- a nature reserve where you can admire trees over 700 years old,
-Gurghiului Fortress dating from the Middle Ages, built on the ruins of a Roman camp,
-Bethlen Castle, one of the most beautiful monuments of Gothic art in Romania,
-Saschiz fortified church,
-The Upper Mureș Gorge Natural Park – legally protected area with spectacular scenery.

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