Discover Cluj County, Romania – Cluj-Napoca city, Turda Salina, Turzii Gorges, Ciucaș Lake & Falls, Răchițele falls or Vălul Miresei …

Cluj is located in center of Transylvania. Residence city, Cluj-Napoca, is a social, academic and cultural center considered as the capital of Transylvania.

Lacul Tarnița toamna

Tarnița Lake in autumn

Cluj-Napoca has an international airport that is continuously upgraded.
Besides the architecture, museums, parks and cultural events that take place here every year, this city also has a formidable offer for culture lovers.

The town includes many areas that gather major tourist attractions:

– In Piața Unirii (Union Square), you can visit and admire the Saxon Church of St. Michael, the Equestrian Statue of Matei Corvin, the Continental Hotel whose building dates from 1896, the Evangelical Church, Museum of Pharmacy and the Museum of Art.
– The Theatre Square hosts the oldest house from Cluj dating since XIV century, Matei Corvin House.
– The Museum Square with Obelisk Francis I and the Museum of Transylvania’s History.
– Ştefan cel Mare Square with the Orthodox Cathedral, Statue of Avram Iancu and the Bastion.
– The Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum, which covers an area of almost 14 hectares and contains over 10000 species of plants.
– The Museum of Ethnography.
– The Ethnographic Park Romulus Vuia.

One of the most prestigious cultural events that takes place in Cluj – Napoca is the International Film Festival. It is relatively recent (2002), but already received the recognition of the International Federation of Film Producers’ Associations.

Another city representative for Cluj County, is Turda that, at one time, was one of the richest in Transylvania due to salt industry. At the northern side of the city there is Salina Turda, opened to tourists since 1992. Its exceptional acoustics makes it very suitable for concerts.

Nature lovers find more attractive targets in Cluj County.

Cheile Turzii (Turzii Gorge) – is a spectacular destination not only for the nature amateur but also for climbers . In its limestone walls, live their lives, more than 1000 plant species, 100 bird species and several species of butterflies.
Downstream of Turzii Gorge there is the falls and Lake Ciucaş.

Cascada Răchițele (Răchițele Falls) sau Vălul Miresei (the Bridal’s Veil) situated in the village Răchițele, has a drop of over 30 meters and is among the most beautiful in Romania. In winter the waterfall freezes being an attraction for practitioners of ice climbing.
Tarniţa Lake is a dam lake. Its area is very suitable for outdoor activities and water sports such as fishing, water skiing, swimming or boating.

Fânaţele Clujului Reserve – is a protected area around Cluj – Napoca with steppe vegetation. It is the only place in the country where meadow viper lives.

In the county area there are several resorts: Băile Băița, Băile Cojocna, Băile Someșeni.

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