Discover Giurgiu County, Romania – Comana Natural Reserve, Giurgiu city, Manafu Reserve, Teșila Wood Area …

Located in southeastern Romania, the name of this county is linked to a legend that dates back from the Ottoman rule. According to this legend the shepherd San Giorgio released the prisoners taken by Turks. They settled then in the area naming it Giurgiu, after their deliverer.

Mânăstire veche in judetul Giurgiu

Old church Giurgiu County

According to historians, city of Giurgiu was founded as a port on the Danube, most likely in XIVth century, by Genovese merchants who named it after Genoa’s patron, St. George (San Giorgio).

Giurgiu is located at the Bulgarian border,separation being made by the Friendship Bridge, the longest bridge across Danube. The bridge built in 1954, was recently rehabilitated . The bridge is 3km long and has lanes for road, rail and walk and drives us directly into the city of Ruse in Bulgaria.

In the area there are places for sunbathing and fishing but they are only accessible by boat. The nearest to Giurgiu city is the island Mocanu.

In Giurgiu there are several sights of cultural interest, the most well known being:

-The Watchmaker’s Tower of 22m high, dating from XVIIIth century. Turks initially built it as a lookout, the clock being added later.
-Teohari Antonescu County Museum covers fields of Medieval Archaeology, prehistoric archaeology and history.
-The Valach Theater.

One of the most popular tourist places in Giurgiu County is Comana Nature Reserve. Having a surface of 25 ha it became a protected area in 2005 due to the endemic species of plants, animals and birds that live here. The reserve includes the Thorn Scientific Reserve, Scientific Reserve of Peony and Comana Pond.
Comana Monastery situated here was founded by Vlad Țepeș in 1461. The initial construction was ruined but the monastery was rebuilt in XVth century and since then was many times subjected of reconstruction and renovation.
In Comana visitors find an adventure park and also a leisure area.
Reserve Manafu – is a forest type, nature reserve that protects many types of plants from which some endemic, as Romanian peony. Reservation is located near Comana Park.
Another natural reserve that protects Romanian peony is Teşila Forest.

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