Discover Călărași County, Romania – Borcea Area, Red Valley Lake, Danube Museum, Călărași city …

Located in Southern Bărăgan Plain, in the Danube river basin, on Borcea Branch and to the Bulgarian border, this county has great tourism potential.

Viță de vie, Județul Călărași

Vineyard, Călărași County

In the city Călărași, the county seat, there are several beaches at the Danube. Călărași is also the point of crossing by boat to the resort Silistra in Bulgaria.

Lower Danube Museum, located in Călărași, was originally an archaeological museum exhibiting paintings, graphics and decorative art objects, sculptures in the area. Later was developed an ethnographic section.

Since you arrived in Calarasi, visit the Municipal Park located on the Danube shore.
In Olteniţa, another city of the county is you will find a landmark of cultural interest – the Archaeological Museum of Civilization Gumelniţa. Founded in 1957 as a result of a donation, the museum gathers today a significant collection of exhibits showing this prehistoric civilization and other civilizations that throughout time have lived in the Romanian Plain.

The history passionate can be interested to visit the ruins of Vicina Byzantine Citadel on the island Pacuiul lui Soare in Ostrov, whose construction dates back to the tenth century. In the vicinity of Călărași there are also the archaeological sites Grădiştea and Grădiştea Coșlogeni where they found evidences of life of Geto – Dacians in the region.

Part of Ialomița Pond (Balta Ialomița), belongs to Călăraşi county. It is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers. The part of it called Caiafele Moroiu is a natural reserve.

Due to its therapeutic waters, Lake Red Valley (Lacul Valea Roșie) is an important tourist area. He is also an area protected by law.
Danube Branch Borcea is one of the main attractions of the county. He is one of the arms of the Danube waterway offering an impressive view of both: the traffic of commercial ships and also the landscape offered by almost unexplored forests on its banks.

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