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Looking for a memorable way to spend your upcoming holiday? You should probably consider a beach holiday in Cyprus. The experience will certainly be one you haven’t had in a really long time. Cyprus boasts of outstanding sandy beaches with an unbeatable visual allure. The tranquility of the coastal region of the country makes it a sanctuary for relaxation and a perfect hideaway trip. A beach holiday in Cyprus is bound to leave a mark on every visitor’s memory.


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One of the factors that make Cyprus an ideal beach holiday destination is the fact that it has a wide selection of beaches for the unique needs of the visitors. For individuals who love to socialize and meet new friends, the highly crowded beaches are just the place for you to be. There are also beaches located in the remote areas which are pretty much quiet and calm.


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The accommodation offered in Cyprus is sure to make the experience even much better. Over there years, all kinds of restaurants and hotels have been set up. There are exotic hotels with close proximity to the coastline, thus offering easy access to the beaches. Five star hotels offer top notch services and are donned with fanciful facilities. Spas are available with relaxing spas and steam baths. Some of the notable hotels in Cyprus are Hotel Atlantica Golden Beach Paphos, The King Jason Protaras as well as the Hotel Tasia Maris Nissi Beach among others.

There are a number of beaches in the country that have been designated a blue flag due to the fact that they have almost all facilities needed for an amazing beach experience. Besides the sophisticated lifeguard equipment found in these beaches, they also have incredibly clean waters which are unpolluted. Beaches located in Limassol, Coral Bay and Protaras are among the blue flag beaches that offer unimaginable beach experience to the visitors.

As a beach holiday destination, Cyprus is an awesome destination to all kinds of visitors. Whether you are looking for a fun-packed family holiday trip, a romantic beach getaway or you just need the holiday to yourself, you can always rest assured that Cyprus has a lot in store for you. For instance, the western side of the island is a family friendly region that is packed with just the right doe of heritage and memorable beach experience. The eastern side is on the other hand a haven for romance and relaxation.

The thrill of spending your beach holiday in Cyprus does not need to end with you sunbathing in its exotic beaches. You can also give a shot at taking part in the various beach sports that are available in its beaches. The beaches located on the eastern side of the country are filled with diverse watersports activities such as surfing and scuba diving. For the adventure enthusiasts, you can choose to make your beach holiday even more interesting by exploring the various attractions located in this region. The Historic and Traditional Landmarks of Paphos are an example of the attractions visitors can explore to make their holidays much more interesting.

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