Amazing beach & adventure holidays in Ecuador

One of the best ways to spend a holiday with loved ones is to frolic along the beaches of Ecuador. With a rich cultural heritage and amazingly beautiful beaches, a holiday in the South American haven is sure to give your mind the relaxation you need.


Quito, Ecuador

Considering Beach Towns for Accommodation

If your intention is to stay at a beach hotel and marvel in the glory of the sea, there are plenty of accommodations to choose from. With a coastline stretching from the country’s border with Columbia down towards Peru, you sure can choose from a number of beach towns to reside in. Depending on the kind of ambience you are looking for and the budget you have set aside for this travel, be sure to select a place that will serve you just right.


Ecuador, Quito

For instance, the town of Crucita offers a relaxed feel and you will be exposed first-hand, to the fishing along the coast. However, you may have to go shopping in Portoviejo or even Manta because it doesn’t have much malls or markets. On the other hand, Canoa will appeal more to those who need a lot of action like backpacking and surfing over the course of their holiday, while Salinas is just perfect for those who do not mind the heat and sun.

It is important to determine the kind of holiday you are looking for and then select from the many picturesque towns an accommodation that will serve you best.

Things to do

Certainly, there is not a scarcity of the things you can do for fun in Ecuador. While a beach holiday will primarily focus on the sea and sand, you can get a lot more fun from other activities during your stay. Aside from the obvious swimming and basking in the sun, you can engage in snorkelling and other water sports like surfing and scuba diving at places like Galapagos Islands and Puerto Ayora.

For those who are more into culture and heritage, there is a lot to see as well. For starters, the colonial architecture can be observed in a variety of places like Quito, Bahia de Caraquez and many other places. Alternatively, you might just find out the Ecuadorian haven that meant a lot for Charles Darwin and why! There are numerous museums throughout the country which showcase much of the country’s art and history as well as ancient ruins and landmarks which create a rich heritage for Ecuador.


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Ecuador also has diverse wildlife and marine animals which make for a great holiday experience. The sea lions of the San Cristobal Island, the iguanas of Galapagos Islands as well as the whales you could watch in Salinas could give you a memorable outdoors experience. The Yasuni National Park as well as the Reserva El Chato in Puerto Ayora are more examples of places to enjoy Ecuador’s wildlife.

From bike tours and nature trails to boat and eco tours, there are numerous things to do for fun in Ecuador. You would need to organise your travel beforehand so as not to get confused about what to do and what to save for another visit! Ooh, and supposing you wish to sample the country’s nightlife, be sure to visit Montanita!

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