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 One of the greatest civilizations of ancient time, Egypt is one of the best holiday destinations one could ever dream of. It is well known for its architectural dexterity and they have buildings that have been around for centuries to prove this. If you are planning to go on a holiday that is full of fun and excitement, then it might as well be a cultural holiday in Egypt. There are a whole lot of exciting things to do and diverse attractions to visit during your stay in this awesome and popular country.


Cairo City View

You can kick start your cultural holiday experience of Egypt with the Egypt Nile and Red Sea Tours. The tours are organized by experienced personnel and are led by some of the best tour guides in the region. Combined with contemporary accommodation, you can get the best of these services in places like Aswan, Cairo, Giza, The Red Sea, Hurghada and Luxor. Your tour will entail visiting the Giza Pyramids and taking a trip to archaeological sites such as the Valley of Kings, Karnak Temples, Philae Temple and the Edfu Temple among several others. Visiting these sites is a great way for you to learn and understand the Egyptian culture and traditions. The tour also offers a 5-star cruise on the Nile River usually lasting three nights.


Journey on the Nile

A cultural holiday in Egypt is a great way to enjoy some holiday even if you would love to bring your family along. You can give a shot at the Family Culture and Adventure Holiday to Egypt. The family adventure exposes you and your family to all that you may expect to get from the country during your holiday. The venture may begin with a trip to the sphinx and pyramids in Cairo then proceed to the tombs and temples in Luxor. There is also a camel ride that you and your family can enjoy and an overnight Nile felucca trip. The tour ends at the Red Sea which provides a serene environment for an amazing relaxation. You can rest assured of the fact that the tour will be fun and very educative for both you and the rest of your family.

Aswan is a serene town that offers you easy access to the Nile where you have a great deal of fun during your cultural holiday in Egypt. It is a laid back destination that provides a serene environment for relaxation and offers you an opportunity to engage in outdoor activities as well. There are nice attractions such as the legendary Nile River and beautiful sand dunes. You can hop into a river ferry for a ride through the Elephantine Island and an exploration of the pretty Nubian Village streets.

Egypt offers five star hotels with impeccable services and contemporary facilities to treat you to a one of a kind experience. You can make your holiday more interesting by taking part in the various cultural events and festivals that take place in the city occasionally. A retreat to Egypt guarantees an experience that you could only dream of.

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