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 Although Ethiopia may not be a very popular tourist destination, it is worth visiting. Spending experimental holidays in Ethiopia will prove to you just how much the country can be an incredible destination. Ethiopia is pretty much different from the neighboring countries, a feature that makes it quite unique. With its own unique religion, language and calendar, the country offers a pretty different experience in the region. It is surrounded by mountains and has got a variety of geographic features worth visiting.


Sunny day in Ethiopia

During your experimental holiday in Ethiopia, you may find it rather interesting to take a trip to the Simien Mountains. These mountains are probably the most remarkable in the entire Africa. Besides the wonderful view that it offers, the Simien Mountains also opens up an opportunity for you to engage in some thrilling outdoor activities. With their great trails, you can go on a trekking trip during your stay in the country. If you are not very sure of yourself, you can join a guided tour of the mountain. The guides are professionals who know the trails well and will make it easy for you to get around.


Ethiopia Figures

Ethiopia is well known for its ancient rich culture. It is home to one of the world’s oldest written language, Amharic. Its rich culture is one of the things that you can enjoy during your visit to the country. Ethiopian cultural celebrations are colorful events that are marked with zeal and fun. These events are celebrated across the country on various dates of the calendar. The Genna Festival for instance is a celebration of Ethiopia’s Christmas. It is celebrated on the 7th of January each year and you might find it worth attending.

The Timkat-Festival is another festival that you will certainly find worth trying out during your experimental holiday in Ethiopia. It spans three days and it is a celebrations of the baptism of Jesus.

Love wildlife? Well, this is your chance. Considered one of the popular attractions in Ethiopia, feeding of hyenas at Harar is a thrilling experience. There are basically two different venues in which you can literally feed the hyenas.

Your experimental holiday to Ethiopia can hardly be said to be over if you haven’t visited the Omo Valley. This is one of the few places on earth in which you can still get indigenous populations. Locals around these regions have hardly been affected by the outside world and they still embrace their cultures and traditions as well as their dressing and feeding. You can learn much about the Ethiopian culture during your trip to this region and also have some good time.

The diversity of hotels available throughout Ethiopia makes it an accommodative tourist destination. You can get some of the best services and facilities in these hotels and restaurants. Some of the hotels that you might find worth trying out in the country include the Ethiopian Hotel Leo, Sabana Beach Resort and Hilton Addis Ababa. You are bound to be surprised at how the country can be an amazing holiday destination.

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