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The Guadeloupe Islands is an archipelago whose constituent islands are rich in geographical attractions and interesting destinations. Guadeloupe is considered the heart of The Caribbean and therefore the best place to take a holiday to if you would love to explore the Caribbean region. If at all you have an upcoming holiday and would love a change of environment, nothing beats a beach holiday in Guadeloupe. It is an intriguing holiday destination made popular by the fact that it offers affordable holiday treats and it is blessed with natural beauty.


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Guadeloupe is a rather promising beach holiday destination with hotels located either on the beach or very close to a beach. Visitors can therefore access the beach pretty easily each time they feel like taking a swim or sunbathing on the sand. The islands also boast of contemporary hotels of every kind. The accommodation is wonderful and there is always something for everyone. If you would love to have an exotic and extravagant beach holiday experience in Guadeloupe, then the five star hotels have without a doubt got you covered. They are donned with literally every facility that you may need to make your stay comfortable and exciting.



If you intend to keep the trip within your budget and cut on costs, there are also a bunch of four star hotels that you can check into. Despite the fact that these hotels are four-star, they are exactly what you need for a memorable experience in the islands. The hotels have got friendly hotel personnel who will do everything within their power to make you feel at home and give you all the comfort you need for your holiday.

While planning for your beach holiday, it is important to note that there are basically two types of beaches in Guadalupe. The first type is the public beaches and then there are the hotel beaches. The public beaches are mostly free of charge. Their downside however is that they do not have as much facilities as the hotel beaches, nonetheless, they are pretty interesting.

A majority of the beaches are nestled in between St. François and Gosier. Hotel beaches at Gosier are however preferred by a majority of the visitors probably due to their magnificence and the facilities available at the hotels in this region. The beaches in this region are protected by jetties which ensure that erosion is kept at bay at all times. Due to its popularity, the beaches at Gosier are crowded most of the year.

You can spend some time at the Creole Beach. It is a beautiful beach that offers a panoramic view of the sea and the horizon beyond. Located at the front of the Creole Beach Hotel, one of the features of the beach is that it has no shade. If however you are overwhelmed by the heat of the day, you can take a retreat for a drink at the bar. Guadeloupe has a mild weather, friendly locals and diverse cultures that makes it the ultimate island destination of the Caribbean.

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