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Hudson Bay is a very popular tourist destination probably due to the fact that it is the largest inland sea in the world and the second largest bay on earth. It is a vast body of saline water located in Canada’s northeastern area and covers an incredible 470,000 square miles. The region is just the perfect nature holiday destination more so for nature enthusiasts. Hudson Bay is great both for an adventure trip and a relaxation trip.

Hudson Bay

Sleeping polar bear

Birds are among the elements of nature that add on to its beauty. They decorate nature with their beautiful colors and diverse shapes. The chirps and songs they make are also a vital part of nature, giving it its identity. A nature enthusiast is bound to find areas with high bird populations irresistible. This is one of the factors that make Hudson Bay an irresistible destination for a nature holiday. It is home to about two hundred bird species some of the most popular ones being snow geese, swans, gulls, ducks as well as sand pipers. During spring, the population and diversity of bird species rise considerably in this region. For a nature trip, you will certainly find this place interesting.

The diversity of sea life found in the region is just amazing. The high amounts of nutrients and crustaceans available in the bay are great sources of food for the invertebrates like sea urchins, starfish and mollusks. These on the other hand provide food to the fish that inhabit the bay. Some of the common fish species in Hudson Bay are cod, polar plaice and salmon. When you take a nature trip down to the bay, you get to enjoy the awesome sight of the aquatic life which also includes dolphins, killer whales and walrus. These are especially found on the bay’s northern region. There are also polar bears that have migrated to the south of the bay so as to hunt seals in the ice.

The Hudson Bay Lowlands found on the western side of the bay holds nature’s beauty of its own. Spanning an area of 125,000 square miles, several rivers drain the area so much that it has developed the characteristic muskeg vegetation. The topography of the area is unique making it a great place to spend a nature holiday. It is largely shaped by glacier action as well as the reseeding of the bay that has been on for long periods of time. The coastal communities are sparsely populated therefore giving you all the space you need to interact with nature.

Hudson Bay is a tourist destination known all across the planet and as such, is visited by a whole lot of tourists and geographers. There are therefore accommodation facilities of a wide variety for basically all visitors. You can check into one of the great hotels that offer fantastic accommodation services. The hotel staff is friendly and committed to making your stay startling. The best elements of nature are found in the region and you will surely find it a great place to take a nature retreat to.

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