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 Indonesia is easily one of the world’s most sought after tourism destinations and there is good reason for this; the country has a rich natural environment and an enchanting culture to offer its visitors. Moreover, the country is made up of numerous ethnic groups which have interesting but diverse lifestyles which have not been overwritten by the effects of modernisation.


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Attractions in Indonesia

An exciting, well-kept ecosystem: Made up of thousands of islands and rainforest ecosystems, Indonesia is arguably a very beautiful place. Picturesque forests coupled by the beauty of the sea are some of the most favoured attractions. The forests are also home to different wildlife species and attract a big number of visitors; like the Sumatra and Java ones.


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The beaches you might wish to visit are generally beautiful, with the best kept ones mostly in isolated, underdeveloped areas. Places like Bali, Nias Island and Lombok have proper accommodation options while smaller, less developed beaches like Togian Islands have clean, immaculate environments.

National Parks

There is also a lot of wildlife species to be sampled in Indonesia in the parks. About five of the parks in Indonesia are listed as World Heritage Sites due to the number of species they harbour. The Gunung Leuser, Kerinci Seblat and the Kobodo National Parks are some areas where you could go to sample the country’s biodiversity. You might want to figure out the dynamics of the Wallace Line and how it defines the distribution of the biodiversity of the country on your visit there!

There are lots of native species in these locations and some of the world’s most notable wildlife; like the world’s largest flower! A variety of bird species, lizards and many other endangered animals are also found in these parks.

You could also find it amazing to experience the botanical reserves; the Bogor and Cibodas botanical gardens! These two botanical gardens harbour a huge number of botanical species which are highly valuable for research and tourism purposes.

Geographic Hotspots

Whether you are a geographer or not, you will certainly find the volcanic activity of some areas in Indonesia to be amazing. Volcanic mountains, like Mount Rinjani, for example, are top attractions for those who wish to explore the full glory of Indonesia, as is Puncak Jaya, the highest mountain in Indonesia. Mount Tambora and Mount Bromo are other examples of places you could visit for your love of mountains.

The Rich Culture of Indonesians

Aside from the huge ethnic diversity, religion also plays a role in the unique culture of Indonesia. With Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu and a range of traditional religions, you can be sure to see a very interesting cultural picture in Indonesia. You could also sample the rich culture of the people in museums.

With these attractions, there are certainly a wide range of things to do in Indonesia. From hiking, camping, sightseeing and mountain climbing to surfing and diving, you cannot get bored in this haven. Traditional dances could help you relax after months of work-related stress!

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