Ideal Escapes is Lima, Peru – New level for adventure holidays

 Lima is a popular tourist destination that draws visitors from various parts of the world. The city boasts of interesting attractions and friendly locals that definitely make a stay in it a beautiful experience. Spending cold holidays in Lima is a one of a kind experience filled with excitement and enjoyment. The city is an architectural haven that combines the beauty of traditional artistic prowess and contemporary architecture to give a city that is not only beautiful and stylish but is also easy and fun to explore.

Lima, Peru

Adventures in Lima

Peru is a culturally rich country and there is still some element of the rich culture hanging around in cities like Lima. During your cold holiday in Lima, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant Peruvian culture. This is a great opportunity for you to not only enjoy yourself but to learn more about the traditions of the region. There are several areas all across the city in which you can experience the country’s culture. The Dama Juana Restaurant for instance is a place for you to enjoy a traditional Peruvian show and a delectable dinner. This is a great treat for both your eyes and tummy.


Lima in love

The mid-morning hours in Lima during the cold season are just the best time for you to go on an adventure tour of the city. You can walk down the streets of the city as you enjoy the amazing view offered by the stylish buildings. There are also a bunch of fast food restaurants, hotels and cafes that you can take breaks in for a delicious lunch. Some of these hotels provide a wide range of flavors of the Peruvian cuisine. From these hotels, you can also get some great traditional dishes that you will certainly find sumptuous.

One of the things that Lima is best known for is its rich culture and extravagant art. Quite a lot of relics and structures are still hosted in the city and they bear evidence of the cultural heritage of Lima. Some of the places that you will find worth visiting during your stay in Lima are Santo Domingo Convent, the site in which the remains of San Rosa de Lima and San Martin de Porras lay, Casa de Aliaga, one of the oldest colonial houses that tell the story of the conquest of Peru and the Cathedral which plays a very important role in exhibiting the history of the city.

Lima boasts of a vibrant nightlife that you can take advantage of during your cold holidays in the city to make the experience even better. A guided tour of the city during the night is a great way for you to spend your holidays in this exciting city. The tours are offered by friendly and knowledgeable guides who have all it takes to treat you to a memorable experience. You can visit the historical sights, enjoy the awe striking architecture and finally retreat to a hotel or restaurant for a delicious cuisine. Accommodation is provided by hotels that offer facilities of all kinds.

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