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If you are considering spending your spring holidays in Martinique, then you are definitely on the right track. This is undoubtedly the best choice you could ever make of a spring holiday destination. Decorated with all kinds of beaches, the island offers a phlegmatic Caribbean charm that will treat you to a marvelous experience. It has a unique landscape marked with opulent mountainous interior and a beautiful coastline. There are a whole lot of interesting destinations that one can take a tour to for an exploration experience.


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Enjoying the outdoors is perfect during the spring in Martinique. The roads which are well maintained and properly patrolled make it pretty easy for you to get around the city. The island is endowed with incredible trails that are great for a wonderful walk or hike. Whether you are a seasoned hiker and would like a challenging hike or just out to enjoy a simple and gentle walk, the island has definitely got something for you. Mont Pelee for instance is every hiker’s dream. With its slopes covered in forest, Mont Pelee offers outstanding walking trails. Taxis are readily available in Martinique and they can get you wherever you wish to travel to.


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The beach experience in Martinique during spring is an experience hard to come by and you should therefore take advantage of the opportunity. The island is rich in great beaches. You may find it pretty challenging to decide on which beach to visit and which one to skip as each of them is unique in a way. Some of the best beaches of the island are located on the southwestern side of Martinique. The waters off the coast of these beaches are awesome for all manner of water activities, thanks to the calmness of the sea. For a beautiful swimming and snorkeling experience, the waters off Grande Anse are the best. The water between Le Pecheur and St-Pierre are one the other hand best for scuba divers due to its rich wrecks and reefs.

The fact that the beaches of the island are popular for different aspects makes the unique and interesting. If you are out to experience a jet ski like no other, then the Pointe Martin beach is the beach for you. For those who love aquatic life and would find swimming with sea turtles fun, Anse Noire is the place to be. For kite surfers and wind surfers, there is the Pointe Faula Beach which offers just the right environment for you. The Anse du Carbet Beach is another amazing beach that boasts of crystal clear waters. On this beach, you can enjoy both fish and sea food right on the beach.

The island plays host too many different hotels with incredible accommodation facilities. Some of the luxurious hotels of Martinique are complete with swimming pools, spas and gyms. The cafes and restaurants that line the streets of the island provide delicious meals. A spring holiday in Martinique guarantees fun, enjoyment and a whole lot of activity.

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