Meet Santa in Murcia, Spain – Christmas Holidays

The Christmas season is a whole lot different in Murcia and Spain at large. Christmas is celebrated in a unique and interesting way in Spain making the entire month of December a pretty exciting period around this area. It is a season marked with the spirit of love and selflessness. If you are looking forward to one of the best Christmas holiday experiences of your life, take a trip to Murcia and you will be right on. With just a few hints on how to spend Christmas holidays in Murcia Spain, you can rest assured of an incredible time.

Murcia, Spain

Exploring Murcia

Located on the Spanish south eastern end, Murcia is a charming province that draws visitors from everywhere. Its dazzling beauty and intriguing culture and traditions have won the hearts of many who consider it a haven for fun. Its features make it a one of a kind destination in which to spend a Christmas holiday. Love music? Well, Murcia has just the thing for you. Leading up to Christmas, the Auditorio in Murcia hosts a classical music program. You can head on to the venue and enjoy classical music as played by singers such as Ron Sexsmith.

Murcia , Spain

Afternoon walk in Murcia

On the Saturday preceding Christmas, you will occasionally find village bands playing in the local churches. What makes these performances more enjoyable is the fact that they blend traditional Spanish music and Christmas tunes to come up with exquisite music.

A little shopping in Murcia during the Christmas holidays works pretty well in making your holiday experience much better. During this season, the Christmas atmosphere and Christmas lights fill up the markets of Murcia. Just going through the market and experiencing the aura is a great treat in itself. These markets have a wide variety of items and you can most certainly get whatever you need. Shopping in Murcia during the Christmas holidays is ever better given the fact that the stores offer some tempting discounts. 

Hotels, restaurants and clubs are usually well prepared for Christmas too. They offer the ambience for you to have a great time and enjoy in the marvelous treats they have to offer. The La Manga Club is one of the exciting destinations that you could give a tray during your holiday in this province. It has a five star hotel that offers some really incredible services and meals. Being on a resort, the hotel offers a tranquil environment for a laid back and quiet meal. The hotel is popular among most tourists due to the fact that it offers easy access to several exhilarating destinations that you may find intriguing.

Another hotel that you find worth trying out is the Hotel Los Habaneros. The hotel that has a rich history has been refurbished and air conditioned making it one of the most sensational places in which to spend your Christmas holiday. The hotel offers great meals and has unbeatable deals. There are a load of attractions, events and festivals during the Christmas holidays in Murcia. You will never run out of what to enjoy during your trip of this charming province.

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