Christmas with friends in Santiago de Chile must be a great adventure

 For those who are not used to the region, the Christmas season in Santiago de Chile seems kind of odd. This is due to the fact that it is this period that marks the beginning of summer and temperatures can often rise to 32 degrees Celsius. This oddness is what makes Christmas Holidays in Santiago de Chile a one of a kind experience. The “White Christmas” is therefore not guaranteed in this city. It however boasts of a calm weather with warm temperatures that can treat you to a Christmas holiday like no other.

Santiago de Chile at night

Santiago de Chile at night on full moon

The Christmas spirit remains alive in Santiago de Chile and you can tell from the enthusiasm of the residents and the lights that are used to decorate certain parts of the city. Almost all Chileans celebrate the Christmas season which makes the city an even better place to spend your holiday. Chile boasts of a rich culture and tradition that its residents still hang on to. There are a number of Christmas traditions that are practiced throughout the city during the Christmas season and you are highly likely to find these pretty exciting.

Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile city view

Drinking cola de mono is one of the traditions that you might fall in love with in the city. It is a drink brewed of cinnamon, cloves, instant coffee, vanilla, milk as well as “aguardiente”. You will not only enjoy the tasty drink but will also find the company of the friendly locals great. There is some German influence in the city and you are likely to find a bunch of German traditions in Santiago de Chile as well.

If you find the Christmas decorations attractive, then your Christmas holiday in Santiago de Chile is your lucky trip. Certain locations around the city have got some rather incredible decorations for the season. Costanera Center for instance, is a destination which you can enjoy the view offered by the decorations. They display some rather amazing stuff such as the conspicuous holiday lights that they display between 9pm and 12 am at the Costanera Torre. Another popular decoration destination is the Windows of Paris.

A good meal determines quite a great deal how much you are likely to enjoy your Christmas holiday in Santiago de Chile. The city hosts some of the best hotels and restaurants in the country. Visit one of the hotels for a memorable Christmas dinner. In as much as some of the hotels across the city often close during Christmas to allow employees time to enjoy the holiday, there are some other hotels that keep open. Hotels like the Sonesta Hotel Osorno and Hotel Plaza San Francisco are some of the hotels that remain open and offer sumptuous Christmas dinners.

Most of the Chileans tend to view the Christmas season as a time to spend together with the family and enjoy each other’s company. It would therefore be more fun to have your family tag along for the holiday. However, you can still go for the holiday as an individual or as a couple and have a memorable experience in Santiago de Chile.

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