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Located in Southeast of Asia, Singapore is an incredible nation that offers awesome attractions and tranquil environment perfect for a hideaway trip. Considered among the four Asian tigers, Singapore has over time grown to be a popular tourist destination that draws visitors from literally every corner of the globe. Spending the upcoming spring holidays in Singapore will treat you to an experience that you had only dreamed of. The island will present you with the opportunity to visit some of the famous and widely celebrated destinations making your holiday a one of a kind experience.


Natural color of Singapore

One of the factors that have largely contributed to the amazingness of Singapore is the diverse culture that it hosts. With the Malay, Chinese and Indian ethnic groups making up a large percentage of the population, you can only expect a plethora of cultures in the country. There has also been an influx of people from all around which has contributed to the country’s cosmopolitan image. With the diversity of the people of Singapore and the culture blend, its event calendar is decorated with celebrations and holidays throughout the year. Religious celebrations, sports events as well as cultural festivals are a popular source of fun in the country.



During spring, Singapore brings out the best of its beauty. The season is marked with lush greenery, mild and favorable temperatures. This is the perfect time of the year to visit some of the popular attractions available in the island. The Botanic Gardens is a great spot that you can visit not only to have fun but also to bond with nature. A beautiful walking trail provides great access to the garden.

The country is also home to a stunning Chinatown. If you have ever wanted to visit China but have never had the chance to, this is a great start. The district represents What China looks and feels like a great deal. From the sapid Chinese meals to the small stores and the lanterns glowing light red, Chinatown is more-or-less like a little China in Singapore.

Introducing a little adventure and exploration into it often makes your spring holiday even more exciting. You can take a trip down to the Changi Chapel and Museum and learn more about Singapore’s past. The country too was hit by the Second World War and the museum bears evidence of this. Personal effects, drawings and letters linked to the numerous soldiers and prisoners imprisoned in Changi Prison are exhibited in the museum. The courtyard of the museum hosts the Changi Chapel which is a replica of the various chapels that were built during the WWII.

After a day of adventure and walking around, you want to retreat to a warm and cozy hotel to spend your night. Singapore offers the best of these too. The country has got all kinds of hotels to ensure that everyone’s unique accommodation and dining needs are catered for. Ranging from luxury, to mid-range through to budget hotels, there is definitely a hotel or restaurant that will fit your budget for the holiday.

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