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The idea of a cultural holiday is often very tempting, especially if you plan on spending it in a culturally diverse destination. Not only does the prospect of change make it exciting but the fact that you will get to learn more about the place such as the people’s traditions, their religion, art, architecture and various other elements makes it even more promising. If you are out to experience an exotic vacation with lots of fun, cultural holidays in Warsaw is without a doubt the thing for you. Spending a holiday in the city gives an incredible taste of Eastern Europe and offers you the best cultural holiday experience of your life.


Warsaw – city center

Looking for the best place in which to learn more about the culture of Warsaw? The Warsaw Uprising Museum should be a great start for you. Situated in the old tram power station, the Warsaw Uprising Museum is home to quite a lot of historical media that you can use to learn more about the culture of the region. The museum boasts of interactive facilities that makes it a lot more interesting. What makes the museum even better is the fact that it can be educative to both adults and students. It offers an enjoyable way for the kids to learn more about the history of the city. The museum tells more about the city in a chronological manner beginning from the Nazi occupation.


Warsaw at night

Another popular tourist destination in Warsaw that you may find worth trying out is the Lazienki Palace. The unique architecture and splendid neighborhood makes it a great destination for cultural, adventure and relaxation trips. The Warsaw Ghetto is another exciting place that offers a humbling experience. This area was used to host close to half a million Jews during the war.

The wide variety of architectural designs in the city bears evidence of its turbulent history. The city was brought to the ground during World War II by bomb raids. The rebuilding of the city began soon after liberation and several contemporary structures have been erected since then. The city plays host to a wide range of architectural styles ranging from gothic to renaissance through to neoclassical periods. The majestic churches and the burgher houses represent the gothic architecture. Right in the heart of the city is the Palace of Culture and Science which is a perfect example of the post-war architecture found within the city’s borders.

The extensive range of hotels provided by Warsaw makes getting the right accommodation for you pretty easy. Hotel Bristol for instance is a five star hotel that provides superior lodging as well as other fantastic facilities like a pool and amazing dining. Warsaw Marriott Hotel is another five star hotel with incredible services and facilities. There is also the Polonia Palace Hotel, a four star hotel that offers refined lodging and great dining.

There are a whole lot of things to do in Warsaw during your cultural holiday to make the experience more interesting and educative.

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